Ever since humans began walking the Earth, various exalted beings have been coming here to help us find our way back home to the Spirit World of God. Now, the most high of all created beings is re-emerging in a new way, and Christ is bringing a very special gift for everyone. Here is the gift from Christ:

1) If we understand what it means that Christ is King, and
2) If we accept Christ as our personal King, then
3) Christ will erase all our negative karma. 

Karma is the experience of cause and effect that happens over lifetimes. So due to our karma, if we have had a difficult childhood and/or life, this has been the result of causes we ourselves set into motion in previous lifetimes. Christ is now offering the opportunity to have our karmic slate wiped clean.

There is no deadline for receiving this gift and it is offered to all beings who were part of the Fall. It is a generous and far-reaching gift, but it’s not a Hail Mary. 

Think of this as a far easier way to get home, rather than some kind of free ride. Because for many, we will need to do some serious soul searching before we can reach an authentic “yes” to the points listed above. There is no fibbing on this one.

The Guide’s teachings presented in the Real.Claro. seven-book series are an excellent source of support for doing our work. In particular, the first book, Holy Moly: la historia de la dualidad, la oscuridad y un rescate atrevido, offers specific teachings from the Guide about Christ and his mission in coming to Earth.

Given what we stand to gain measured against what we might lose—perhaps some pride because we thought we already knew the truth about Christ, but didn’t know the whole truth—this offer is worth considering.

As always, the choice is ours.

Questions? Look for more to be revealed in the coming months and years.

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